Public safety agencies requesting emergency air support should call (248) 655-7766, then press 0.
When available, Great Lakes Air Operations provides emergency air support services to public safety agencies (federal, state, county, local, and tribal) throughout Michigan for a variety of scenarios. 

The following are some emergency public safety situations Great Lakes Air Operations can assist with:

  • Barricaded Gunman
  • Disaster Assessment
  • Energy Infrastructure
  • Hostage
  • Missing Person
  • Search and Rescue (Inland and Water)
  • Special Response Team Operations
  • Transportation Infrastructure

Great Lakes Air Operations operates two aircraft, each of which have different capabilities.  One aircraft is equipped with thermal imaging.

A number of other features are available to ensure scene and event commanders have the resources they need.

Operating in compliance with Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) regulations, Great Lakes Air Operations is committed to providing a safe and reliable experience.  All pilots hold an Airman Certificate with a sUAS rating from the FAA, and the company possesses aircraft and liability insurance.